Current Elected Officials

Carrie Coyner

Delegate for District 62

D. Michael Caudill

Goochland Commonwealth Attorney

Roxann Robinson

State Delegate, 27th District

Karl Leonard

Chesterfield County Sheriff

Rebecca Longnaker

Chesterfield County Treasurer

Carey Allen

Fourth District GOP Chair

Debbie Bailey

School Board Chair, Dale District

Jim Ingle

Chesterfield County Supervisor, Bermuda District

Wendy Hughes

Chesterfield County Circuit Court Clerk

Kevin Carroll

Chesterfield County Supervisor, Matoaca District

Ann Coker

Chesterfield School Board, Bermuda District

Michael Carroll

Chesterfield County GOP Vice Chair

Stacey Davenport

Chesterfield County Commonwealth Attorney

Ryan Harter

Chesterfield School Board, Matoaca District

Aaron Mathes

Chesterfield County GOP Matoaca District Chair

Angela Kelly-Wiecek

Hanover County Supervisor (Chickahominy District)

Pat O’Bannon

Henrico County Supervisor (Tuckahoe District)

Tammy Ridout

Chesterfield County GOP Dale District Chair

Chris Winslow

Board of Supervisors, Clover Hill District

Thomas Branin

Henrico County Supervisor (Three Chopt District)

W. Canova Peterson

Hanover County Supervisor (Mechanicsville District)

Aubrey Stanley

Hanover County Supervisor (Beaverdam District)

Brenda S. White

Chesterfield PRAC Chair

Former Elected Officials

Glen Sturtevant

Former State Senator

Dorothy Jaeckle

Former Chesterfield County Supervisor

Craig Stariha

Former Planning Commissioner, Matoaca District Supervisor Candidate

Dennis Proffitt

Former Chesterfield County Sheriff

Dickie King

Former Chesterfield County Supervisor, Bermuda District

Dianne Pettitt

Former School Board Member, Clover Hill

John Erbach

Former School Board Member

Patrick Regan

Former School Board Candidate

Dianne Smith

Former School Board Member, Clover Hill District

Steve Elswick

Former Chesterfield County Supervisor (Matoaca District), Former Chesterfield Fire Chief

Wayne Hazzard

Former Hanover County Supervisor (South Anna District)

Art Warren

Former Chesterfield County Supervisor, Clover Hill District

Rob Thompson

Former Chesterfield School Board Member (Matoaca District)

John Watkins

Former State Senator

Community Leaders

Jack Wilson

Former Republican Party of Virginia Chair, Fourth District Republican Committee Chair, and Chesterfield Republican Committee Chair

Jerry Baldwin

Former Chesterfield GOP County Chair

Tara Carroll

Former Chesterfield County GOP Chair, 7th District State Central Committee Representative

Jim Davis

Former Chesterfield County GOP Chair

Ellen Nau

Former Chesterfield County GOP Chair & VFRW Past President

Marie Quinn

Former Chesterfield County GOP Chair & VFRW State Central Representative

Donald Williams

Former Chesterfield GOP County GOP Chair

Fay Williamson

Former VFRW President, Current VFRW 7th District Committee Representative

Jay Whay

Former Clover Hill GOP Chair

Gary Thomson

Former State GOP Chair